readymade for my closeup...

I'd like to extend congrats to fellow Etsy Dallas members Jeff Barfoot and Shay Ometz from bee things, for their feature in April/May issue of ReadyMade magazine, and also give them an enormous thanks for outfitting their little one in a Loop and Lil tee shirt for the pics!

I started Loop and Lil with mostly sewn garments – dresses, skirts, pants. But after requests from customers for more clothes for boys, I made a few screenprinted and button embellished tees. Those met with a lot of success, so I talked to some good friends who were screenprinting posters about screenprinting tees for Loop and Lil. The red shirt pictured in this article, designed by Rob Wilson, as well as the other screenprinted shirts in the Etsy shop, are a product of that partnership.

To see full scans of all the spreads and get a peek at their cool pad in East Dallas, check out Shay's blog here. (Just a warning that their studio is pretty jealousy-inducing.) Or better yet, pick up a copy of the April/May issue of ReadyMade with the delicious strawberry tart on the cover. And if you've never screenprinted before, the article has a great tutorial that will make it easy to try!

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