etsy pick friday: nate duval

Well, I haven't come up with a new name yet for Loop and Lil Etsy Pick Friday, but I'll just go ahead with this anyway!

As I've mentioned before, because of my husband, music is a large part of my life. When I was looking for a birthday present for his most recent birthday, I did some poking around on Etsy, and came across this. I knew it was perfect for him, as the Mountain Goats are favorites of said husband, and I thought he would love the kaleidoscope. He loved it! 

In addition to gig posters, Nate Duval's Etsy shop also has screenprinted t-shirts for adults, t-shirts for babies and toddlers, and art prints. I know I would love these prints regardless of the bands represented, but it certainly doesn't hurt that we happen to listen to most of the bands too! Check him out if you need some colorful, original art for your walls!


a little birdie once told me....

A new item added in the shop....

etsy pick friday: paloma's nest

I have decided to make Friday from here on out Loop and Lil Etsy Pick Friday – which I guess we could shorten to L+L EPF. What do you think? Maybe come up with a different name?

On Sunday afternoon in Austin, I had the pleasure of meeting a super cute mom shopping for some things for her beautiful little daughter. We got to talking, and it turned out the mom was Caroline from Paloma's Nest! I first discovered her work on Apartment Therapy, another of my daily reads, and have admired it since. She hand crafts beautiful things in ceramic, wood, paper, ribbon – so pretty and the messages are absolutely charming. See for yourself.


more gratitude...

A big thank you to the folks at Funky Finds for the mention! They're currently blogging a great recap of different vendors who showcased their wares at Bazaar Bizarre. Check it out to see some of the great vendors we got to meet...

Their blog has been on my list of daily reads for a long time – they've been blogging about different crafters and artists since 2006. It wasn't until pretty recently that I realized they live in the same area as I do. They have also recently launched the Shops at Funky Finds, which is an online store featuring lots of great vendors from all over the country and world. 

Many thanks Jessica and Joe!


when the dust settles....

Maker Faire is impossible to describe without it sounding really strange and disjointed. There were catapult competitions. There was a group of cars that operated on vegetable oil. There were robot battles. Knitting. Printing. There was Swap-A-Rama, where people learn to take old clothing and turn it into something new. There was a Diet Coke/Mentos fountain. There were seminars on everything from computer programming for a robot, to learning to embroider. Anything that can be made was celebrated. I think it has the cool energy that comes from a huge group of people who are interested in being creative and learning about new things all getting together in the same place. 

My favorites of the Makers, which were people giving demonstrations and teaching lessons, were the lacemakers (yes - they was a group of women making lace BY HAND) and the blacksmiths (demonstrating old school techniques).  I wish I had been able to get to see more, but I was kept busy manning my booth! Even if I'm not a vendor next year, we're definitely going back!

For our section of Maker Faire, Bazaar Bizarre, things were a tad dusty on the first day due to our location in the show barn, but our proximity to the Lifesize Mousetrap led to a pretty steady flow of traffic. We were also surrounded by really great vendors on all sides– Lucy Blue Studio, Lillie's 5 and Dime, Xylocopa (who won an Editor's choice blue ribbon for their mad science alphabet blocks, which were amazing and of which we purchased a few!) Harrilu and ClothMoth. Everyone could not have been nicer. I also got to meet Joe and Jess from Funky Finds, which was awesome. Isn't it weird when you finally meet people after following their blog? You feel like you already know them, but you feel a little creepy/stalker at the same time! 

Although it was a tad dusty, and a little exhausting, it was definitely a terrific weekend. 


please come to austin....

I'm tying up loose ends today, and I'll be heading out tomorrow for Austin. 

Come by Booth #740 this weekend! We'd love to see you!


sewer's best friend...

Look who's hanging out in my lap while I sit at the sewing machine today. How could I get anything done without the help of my friend Pete?



I just wanted to say thanks to Angela from Angela's Heartwork for mentioning the Pete the Elephant Onesie and Bib set on her blog. Angela recently found out that she's expecting a baby, and if that brand new baby turns out to be a bouncing baby Boy, she'd like to outfit him in Loop and Lil! Congratulations Angela!



Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Urban Street Bazaar yesterday! We had a great time – it was great weather, and I loved getting to meet so many people and get so much great response to the clothing. 

I'm taking a day of rest today (except I have to run 12 miles!), and then it's back to sewing tomorrow in preparation for Saturday and Sunday in Austin!


sew tired.....

I have been sewing non-stop, getting ready for two shows - the Urban Street Bazaar in Dallas this weekend, and Bazaar Bizarre (part of Maker Faire) in Austin next weekend. I even enlisted my mom's sewing skills to help me get ready! I've been making stuff non-stop, taking breaks only to do my training runs (whose bright idea was it to train for this marathon during the busiest time of the year?), sleep and eat!

If you aren't busy this Saturday, come by the Bishop Arts District for the Urban Street Bazaar! It starts at 10, and goes to around 8. If you've never been before, the Bishop Arts District has lots of great shops and restaurants (Tillman's is especially delicious) to check out in addition to the Bazaar. And all of the vendors in the show will be selling items that are handmade, including art, jewelry, bath products, and clothing. It will be a really great time! Come by and say hi!


perfect day for a new cafe...

Outside the cafe. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, I only had the camera on my phone.

I had lunch yesterday at a great new find, Another Byte Cafe in Little Forest Hills.  

The cafe is located in a funky old house with great landscaping outside. There were four entrees on the menu for the day, and I chose the Chicken Spaghetti (delicious). We ate outside to take advantage of the perfect weather, but you can also eat inside in the living room area, and you eat off a TV tray!

Our waitress let us know there are art shows, yoga, a pumpkin patch and other activities in the works for the weekends. I know there's internet access available if you're looking for somewhere to hang out on your laptop, but I did not partake. Go check it out if you're looking for something different to do!