party time...

I love this printable pdf party invite, available here, and designed by Egg Press


birds of a feather...

All the pretty birds, lined up in a row! I'm busy here at the studio, cutting out the little parts and pieces for a few more Little Birdie Mobiles for the Funky Finds Spring Fling. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 25th. The event will be held at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth, and the admission is FREE!


spring has sprung!

Happy Vernal Equinox!


walking on waters...

Did anyone happen to catch Alice Waters on 60 Minutes on Sunday? If not, check it out here. I mean, she cooks on a fireplace in the kitchen, AND she doesn't have a microwave! Unfortunately, I can't just pop over to Chez Panisse for a quick bite, so maybe I'll pick up this book...


taste: cowboy chow

He and I were looking for somewhere to get a bite to eat on date night, so we ventured down to Deep Ellum to Cowboy Chow. It's over the top cowboy kitsch, complete with not one but two stuffed buffalo heads. We started with Fry Bread, which I can best describe as a sopapilla, flat, with a spice mixture on it instead of cinnamon sugar. Sounds kind of weird, but is super delicious. For my entree, I had the cowboy grilled cheese, he had the pot pie, and both were delicious. This isn't somewhere you go for a light meal - be prepared to leave uncomfortably full (but happy). 

Next time, I'm trying the fried green tomato lollipops. 


in defense of food...

Sorry for the lack of posts - I've been a bit under the weather. I haven't even had the energy to sew, let alone blog. But I'm feeling better now, so let's get to today's post!

Because of
this book and his garden, I have become more and more interested in food - where it comes from, what's changed about food in the last 50 years, and why we (as Americans) eat the food we do. While I was sick and confined to the bed, I stumbled across this blog, and became so fascinated that I had to read every post in one sitting.

Here's what Rebecca Currie says:
"In November 2008, I read a New York Times article about how poor quality food is cheaper than high-quality food (a widely accepted belief that I generally disagree with). The article talked about a couple in California who were attempting to raise awareness of poverty by eating for $1 a day. Didn’t go so well. A month of tortillas and popcorn and pb&js. Hungry. Cranky. Tired of the monotony. One of the participants was quoted saying “I challenge anyone in America to eat fresh food on $1 a day.” This is a challenge I cannot refuse."
Read more about why she's doing what she's doing here.