One of my booth helpers and I took a break from helping customers to sport some ironic mustaches at the Magnolia Photo Booth at Renegade Austin. It was a fantastic show, and I really hope they decide to do it again next year. Besides having a great time at the actual show, I was also able to work in visits to one of my favorite Austin patios! I can't go to Austin without taking in at least one meal there.

I'm now t-minus 35 days until the arrival of our little one, so updates could be sparse, or could be plentiful, we'll just have to see!


deep in the heart...

We're in the final stages of preparing to head down I-35 to Austin for the first ever Texas edition of the Renegade Craft Fair. We've had a fantastic time in Los Angeles and Chicago doing the Renegade shows, and are super happy we've just got a 3 hour drive to this one, especially with the little one on the way and me as big as a house!

I am hoping we'll have time to grab some breakfast tacos from here, our absolute favorite taco place in Austin.

We'll be at Booth #24 for the show (near the entrance it looks like), and would love for you to stop by!