in defense of food...

Sorry for the lack of posts - I've been a bit under the weather. I haven't even had the energy to sew, let alone blog. But I'm feeling better now, so let's get to today's post!

Because of
this book and his garden, I have become more and more interested in food - where it comes from, what's changed about food in the last 50 years, and why we (as Americans) eat the food we do. While I was sick and confined to the bed, I stumbled across this blog, and became so fascinated that I had to read every post in one sitting.

Here's what Rebecca Currie says:
"In November 2008, I read a New York Times article about how poor quality food is cheaper than high-quality food (a widely accepted belief that I generally disagree with). The article talked about a couple in California who were attempting to raise awareness of poverty by eating for $1 a day. Didn’t go so well. A month of tortillas and popcorn and pb&js. Hungry. Cranky. Tired of the monotony. One of the participants was quoted saying “I challenge anyone in America to eat fresh food on $1 a day.” This is a challenge I cannot refuse."
Read more about why she's doing what she's doing here.

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