dog tired...

I told Pete he shouldn't wear his fur coat to the show, but he insisted, and regretted it! It was a tad warm at the Funky Finds Spring Fling (that's Texas in the spring for you), but we had a good time and met lots of great people. Thank you to friends, family and everyone who came out!

Our booth just happened to be next to Jessica from Rose and Duke - whom I had admired last year at Bazaar Bizarre for her beautiful hand embroidery and lovely dresses made of vintage embroidered pillow cases. We ended up having a great time sitting in the oven together. It's always nice to find out that the people whose work you admire are nice people too! I also got to chat with Robie from Parsimony. I'm definitely going to pick up one of her dresses soon!

And thank you to Jessica and Joe from Funky Finds for bringing handmade to the Fort Worth area and for letting L+L be a part of it! 

Now it's time to get the house and studio back in order. The sewing operation managed to creep into the living room, dining room, bedroom and even the kitchen. It's time to corral it back where it belongs!


j.d.w... said...

Corral it back! Corral it back!

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh, you gotta show the pic of Pete in front of the fan. Grab it from my blog
it is so cute. Thanks!