tulsa time...

The camera cable has been located!!!

We had a great time in Tulsa – we stayed downtown, and were able to walk around the Brady Arts District before the show. We had a drink at Caz's Pub (with delicious fried pickles), and also checked out the legendary Cain's Ballroom before heading to the show. And Bruce played our favorite song and made all the travel worthwhile.

After the Easter Bunny comes tomorrow, I'm locking myself in my studio to get ready for Funky Finds Spring Fling!

Hoppy Easter!


Courtney said...

Hi Amanda -

Thanks so so much for the official introduction...and am thrilled to say I've been to your website on more than one occasion :)

Lucky you for having your companion pup in your lap all day long. Sadly ours is a tad to large for any up close and personal pettings, but it would make for a great laugh! xx

j.d.w... said...

Possible revenue stream for Loop and Lil!


Anonymous said...

very cool pic!!! -cain's