walk a mile in my shoes...

I have not been able to stop wearing these shoes, which I won in a silent auction benefitting Friends of TOMS, a non-profit dedicated to mobilizing, connecting, and empowering individuals who want to give further aid to communities served by the TOMS One for One mission. If you haven't heard of TOMS - it's a shoe company founded by native Texan Blake Mycoskie. What separates it from every other shoe company, or any company really, is that for every pair of shoes you buy, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. Since they started, they've given away 190,000 pairs of shoes to children in Argentina, Ethiopia, South Africa, and New Orleans. 

Root Fashion in Fredericksburg, Texas held the event and local businesses decorated and embellished pairs of TOMS for auction. Read more about the event here. I loved this pair, decorated by Enid, and they also happened to be my size. It was fate. Now that I know how comfortable TOMS are, I'll be buying more. And now that I know how much I love all the stuff at Root and Enid, I'll be heading to Fredericksburg as soon as I can.


Travis said...

This is the guy from the AT&T TV commercial - where he says that he operates his business from his phone - and he talks about giving the shoes to those in need? Didn't realize he was from TX.

Great idea - both a business idea and a genuine philanthropic idea. Sometimes the most revolutionary ideas are the simplest.

Loop and Lil said...

Yes, that's him - he's from Arlington. He has an awesome blog, and what they do with marketing is pretty innovative!