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After countless hours of online research trying to source clothing labels for Loop and Lil, I decided to try my hand at making some of my own. Most of the woven labels I was able to find are actually produced overseas (even the ones that you order from smaller distributors), and that doesn't help me one bit in my quest to reduce my carbon footprint!

I found a lot of great information on other blogs for different techniques for these labels, but in the end, I decided to 1.) have a custom stamp made of my logo, then 2.) stamp onto cotton twill tape with fabric ink. One tip: to make the ink permanent, it has to be heat set with a dry iron, or the stamped twill tape can also be thrown in the dryer.

Terry at Acme helped me with the custom stamp, and was super nice, helpful, and fast! I got my fabric ink from Monica at Stamp Asylum, another helpful and nice shop owner.

I'm happy with how the labels turned out, and more importantly, I'm glad I'm able to make them on my own.

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