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Newly listed in the shop, the Louise blouse. More blouses in different patterns/colors to be listed soon. 

On another note, tomorrow we'll be headed to one of our favorite cities in the world for our annual pilgrimage to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. It's three full days of sunshine (um, heatstroke?) and great music, and every year we discover at least one band that becomes a new favorite (like them). We've perfected our routine with each passing year – ways to cope with the heat (umbrellas are a lifesaver), the right snacks to bring (NOT granola bars with chocolate chips because they melt), the entry with the shortest line (not telling or it won't be the shortest line anymore!), etc. I would venture to call us ACL Festival Experts at this point. So let me know if you need any advice. A yearly favorite is the gospel music tent on Sunday morning. If you don't feel the spirit a'moving in your heart after a few minutes in that tent, then you're not alive.

And for us, a trip to Austin isn't complete without tacos from here. So delicious. I can't wait! Hope you're doing something you're happy about this weekend too.

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angiemoss said...

Ruling. We're going to the Lubbock County Fair for some turkey legs and funnel cakes! The farm animals are fun to look at too.