perfect day for a new cafe...

Outside the cafe. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, I only had the camera on my phone.

I had lunch yesterday at a great new find, Another Byte Cafe in Little Forest Hills.  

The cafe is located in a funky old house with great landscaping outside. There were four entrees on the menu for the day, and I chose the Chicken Spaghetti (delicious). We ate outside to take advantage of the perfect weather, but you can also eat inside in the living room area, and you eat off a TV tray!

Our waitress let us know there are art shows, yoga, a pumpkin patch and other activities in the works for the weekends. I know there's internet access available if you're looking for somewhere to hang out on your laptop, but I did not partake. Go check it out if you're looking for something different to do!

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j.d.w... said...

I'd say the quality of that pic is pretty good for being off your phone!