sew tired.....

I have been sewing non-stop, getting ready for two shows - the Urban Street Bazaar in Dallas this weekend, and Bazaar Bizarre (part of Maker Faire) in Austin next weekend. I even enlisted my mom's sewing skills to help me get ready! I've been making stuff non-stop, taking breaks only to do my training runs (whose bright idea was it to train for this marathon during the busiest time of the year?), sleep and eat!

If you aren't busy this Saturday, come by the Bishop Arts District for the Urban Street Bazaar! It starts at 10, and goes to around 8. If you've never been before, the Bishop Arts District has lots of great shops and restaurants (Tillman's is especially delicious) to check out in addition to the Bazaar. And all of the vendors in the show will be selling items that are handmade, including art, jewelry, bath products, and clothing. It will be a really great time! Come by and say hi!

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angiemoss said...

I wish we could be there this weekend! Good luck!