three weeks down: hitting my stride

After last week's poor performance, I wanted to get back on the wagon this week and renew my sense of commitment to this experiment. If only Valentine's Day hadn't gotten in the way of it! I thought carefully about it, and decided to get something for my Valentine from Etsy. (Valentine – if you are reading this do not click on that link!)

The funny thing is that I didn't feel guilty or bad about this purchase like I did about the others, I felt great! And I realized that this just isn't about not spending money to prove a point, it's about consciously realizing what the value of material things and experiences are to me. Hope everyone else is feeling good about however this is turning out for them!

For those on (or not on) the spending hiatus, check out
this leather wallet from etsy seller treeswithknees for a gentle reminder after all of this is over!

1 comment:

Joslyn said...

it's all about getting on the wagon ;-)
that wallet is awesome.