two weeks down: the sheets that killed the no-spend

I managed to avoid spending in spite of the fact that we had a rehearsal dinner and wedding to attend this weekend. This normally would be an occasion for me to go out and find that perfect new outfit (for both nights). However, I found those perfect outfits in my closet. And felt really great about it until...

Incident 1 - I bought new curtains for my living room. I might return them. 

Incident 2 - These sheets that I've been waiting for to go on sale from Kohl's went on sale (look at how cute the ruffle is!), and I couldn't resist. I might return them. 

What's up with me? Why even go into the stores if I know I have no willpower? The guilt is killing me. I think I will take this week to reflect, regroup and figure out whether I want to return the things I bought or not. Hope everyone else is doing better than I am!

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