etsy pick friday: drikab

In my "old life", I had a bit of a handbag addiction. I would buy bags in every  color, shape and size. Since I quit my full-time job to start Loop and Lil, I've become a lot more discerning in the clothing and handbags I buy (since starting your own business doesn't make you rich instantly!), and I am much more excited by handmade things than anything I can find in the store. So lately I've been browsing Etsy to find handmade gifts, and things to put on my wishlist for Christmas. During my browsing, I found this week's etsy pick – DrikaB.

DrikaB makes great handbags, totes and cool little pouches. I love her mix of colorful fabrics along with upholstery webbing. Many times in the fabric store, I've stared at those rolls of webbing trying to figure out how to use them – I love how she uses it as handles in her bags. They are the perfect mix of modern and traditional, and completely original. 

A DrikaB bag will definitely be on the top of my wish list for Christmas this year! Check them out here

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