getting ready to run the rock...

So the marathon is a little less than a month away now, and I did my second to last long run of 18 miles this morning. On my own two feet! I can't believe it! Next weekend, I will run 20 miles as my long run for the week, which will be the longest I'll run before the actual race. This sounds weird to some people who haven't ever looked at a training schedule for a marathon, but "they" say if you can run 20 miles, you can run 26. Adrenaline on race day and the shorter runs I've been doing during the week (mostly 5 and 8 miles) will take care of the extra 6 that I've never run before. I'm hoping what "they" say is true!

Training and other commitments have left little time for sewing lately, but I will be a vendor at the December Urban Street Bazaar, in the Bishop Arts District on December 6. More details to come.

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