so who are loop and lil???

I am asked often "Who are Loop and Lil?" I've been asked if they're my kids, my niece and nephew, or my dogs. The answer to all of those questions is No!

When I started my line, I thought long and hard about a name, wanting something that really meant something to me. I was taking a bath one evening, and started humming a song I've loved for years by my absolute favorite songwriter, Townes Van Zandt, called "If I Needed You". I came to my favorite line in the song – 

Loop and Lil agree, she's a sight to see
And a treasure for the poor to find. 

On a live version of the song, Townes explains that Loop and Lil were parakeets, which I love. It was perfect. Check out Townes here

Note: the song has also been covered by lots of people – Lyle Lovett does a great version, and just recently, Dashboard Confessional. (I haven't heard this version, but decided to post on this subject because I saw that they had done a cover of the song, and I'm wondering if that will bring more attention to what a great songwriter Townes was. I hope so.)


Zsolto said...

Hey, thank you for this. I am learning to play and sing this gem of a song and stumbled upon the various lyrics and wanted to know how the third verse really goes.
Kind regards from Budapest, Hungary

nam said...

Lyle L has just finished "If I needed you" and "Marie" sung by Steve Earle has just commenced.
I just Googled my question and now know who "Loop and Lil" are.
I first heard "If.." in the late 70's with a duet by Emmylou Harris and Don Williams.They don't use the line "Loop and Lil".
These two songs are by Townes and are true to his genius.I cannot listen to "Marie" without a tear or two.
Thank you for the answer-sounds typical of the man! I think he is a truly great American poet.
Steve Earle has a CD of Townes songs..it is a great tribute to Steve's mentor.
Steve wrote a tribute song to Townes called "Fort Worth Blues"..it is on YouTube - sitting next to Steve is wonderful Nanci Griffith who sings "Tecumseh Valley" another of Townes songs.It is very moving viewing-during Steve's song,the camera shows tears rolling down Nanci's face - just as happened to me.
His sad life is over but he will never be forgotten and simply be cherished as a very rare talent.
Thank you from the Southern coast of Australia.

Redshirt Uke said...

Thanks for this . I love Townes Van Zandt work and this is great insight. Here's my version of this great song. https://youtu.be/xkh1cp72ezs