the no-spend zone....

Joslyn at Simple Lovely has started a support group for people who want to join her on a 3-month spending hiatus. Since this fell right in line with my own resolutions for the new year, I decided to join in. I'd already spent money last weekend trying to fulfill another of my resolutions, so I'll be starting my hiatus beginning on Monday, January 19. 

I'll still be buying groceries, gas, and paying my bills. But I won't be wandering the aisles of Target looking for something I don't need just in order to buy something. I'll also be cutting out our dining out to once a week. (Which may be the hardest part of all of this!) And I want to consciously enjoy the events and activities I do decide to spend money on rather than just doing something to pass the time. 

I'm excited and nervous to commit to this, but I know that I want to enjoy more the things I already have. Good luck to all the other people trying this out!

Image from everythingok on etsy. If you're not on a spending hiatus, check out this totebag for sale.


angiemoss said...

We're on a spending hiatus that includes eating out to once a week or less too! Last November, we were able to save $1000 just by not eating out. I had no idea.

j.d.w... said...

Does this mean me, too?!?!

: )