shopping trip: legacy books

I'm very behind on my "movies to see" list, so we decided to try to remedy that this afternoon after some house and yard work. We made a pretty far drive to see this, only to be thwarted by a jam packed theater. (When did it start hurting my neck so much to sit in the front row? I know I did this countless times as a teenager?) 

We had already made the longish drive, so in an effort to give our trip some kind of purpose, we headed over to Legacy Books, a somewhat new, independent bookstore that is not your typical independent bookstore. It's a huge space, with over 100,000 volumes and a café that also serves beer and wine. There's also a cooking demonstration area, and the layout is airy and open with tons of natural light. It was perfect - comfortable seats, good music, paintings and sculptures by local artists, a huge selection of different stationery and a well-edited selection of books. Instead of 10 copies of the same mainstream books (I'm not saying I don't read the Oprah Book Club selections too, but why are there always 20 copies of that James Frey book at B&N at all times?!), there were 1 or 2 copies of a bigger selection of authors. There was also a good bargain book section, where I got a new, hardback copy of this for $4.00.

It totally made the drive worthwhile! So now here I sit with my new spy book ready to be read and the cookbook I checked out from the library this morning ready to be browsed through. Bliss....

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