one week down...

Here's the report for
the spending hiatus. Continued well wishes to all those participating!

I managed to avoid:
- picking up a new set of 1000 thread count sheets just because they were on deep, deep discount, realizing that I have many sets of sheets in my linen closet, and giving further confirmation to my husband's assertion that I have an unhealthy bedding addiction.
- going into a home decor store just because it happened to be next to my grocery store.
- stopping by the mall just because it was on my way home.

I managed to:
- begin a major closet organization project in an effort to "shop my closet". 
- only spend money this week on food and one movie. And we went to the movie during the matinee. 

What I have learned so far:
- I do a lot of mindless looking around for things I don't need. A lot. 
- That time spent being mindless is much better spent being creative.

And so week two commences...

Image via everythingok on etsy.

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Joslyn said...

excellent!!!!!!!! the sales are killing me right now.