the doctor is in...

Well, Dr. Beach has come out with his annual Memorial Day ratings of beaches around the country, and Hamoa Beach, which we frequented during our vacation, was ranked #5!

Hamoa Beach is a tiny beach – there are no real markings outside of the beach to direct you there. It's so secluded that we drove by 3 times without seeing where the beach and entry were located. It's set at the bottom of a stone stairway, and it sits crescent-shaped in a small cove, surrounded by lush vegetation, with sand they call "salt and pepper" because of its mixture of white and black grains. And because of its remote location, it isn't overrun with tourists. The days we were there, less than 20 people were on the beach at any one time, giving us the feeling it was our own personal oasis! 

It's on Dr. Beach's list, and it should be on yours as well! If you're lucky, you can hang out on one of the beaches on his list this weekend! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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