wednesday in the park...

After I had been in the studio all day, he came home from work and asked if I'd like to make a spur-of-the-moment trip over to Fretz Park to see one of the Community Parks Concerts put on by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The weather was perfect, so I put down my patterns and we headed over. I'm definitely not a classical music expert, but the music was great - a sampler of pieces from composers around the world. It was still a fabulous and relaxing evening. 

We went with just a blanket and some bug spray, but next time, I think we'll bring a picnic and this guy. The Chinese Traditional piece they performed would make him feel right at home!

If you're in the area, more community concerts are scheduled throughout June. The schedule and locations can be found here.

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p. evans said...

Your ad says all items are handcrafted in Dallas. Is this really true??